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Best AI Dubbing and Voice Translation

Localize your content across 29 languages in seconds with voice translation, speaker detection, and audio dubbing
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What is AI Dubbing & Voice Translation?

Automated Dubbing or Voice Translation is a process for translating and replacing the original audio of a video with a new language, while preserving the unique characteristics of the original speakers’ voices.
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Endless usecases

Use the feature for anything from translating educational videos to making learning resources accessible to non-native speakers, or dubbing films and TV shows for international audiences.

Businesses can also effortlessly create multilingual versions of their promotional videos or training materials, bridging communication gaps within a diverse clientele or workforce.

Easy to get started

You provide the video, select the target language, and our AI does the rest.

It analyzes the audio, translates the speech, and synthesizes the translated text into a new audio track that maintains the original voice tone and style. The result is a dubbed version of your video that sounds natural and authentic, ready to resonate with audiences globally.

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ElevenLabs AI Dubbing opens up a world of possibilities for making content universally accessible and engaging.

Advanced AI Dubbing Online

Dub YouTube, TikTok,, Twitter, Vimeo, or any other video format instantly with our free online dubbing tool so you can connect with your audience globally.
Preserves Speakers Style
Maintain the original voice style while translating content to ensure a natural listening experience.
Supports Multiple Speakers
Efficiently handle multiple speakers, ensuring distinct and recognizable voices in the translated version.
End-to-End Automation
From upload to translation and dubbing, enjoy a seamless, fully-automated process.
Multilingual Capability
Broaden your reach and engage global audiences with translation capabilities spanning 29 languages.

Dub Anywhere

Translate your MP4s, MP3s, and other file formats online into any of our supported languages.


Podcasts, audiobooks and more can be simply converted into multiple languages.


Easily upload interviews, promotional materials, or other videos for dubbing.

Direct link

Conveniently fetch and integrate media by simply using a direct link to the content.

How to Use AI Dubbing?

Make your video content globally accessible by translating and dubbing to multiple languages including Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, and English.
Go to AI Dubbing
and click "Create new dub"
Start Project:
Choose project name, select source and target languages, specify the number of speakers, input video URL or upload files, then click "Create"
Sit back as the video gets dubbed. You'll see the dubbing progress bar inside the AI Dubbing suite.
View / Download:
Access your translated content effortlessly and share it with the world.
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Grow Your Global Audience

Broad language support for global reach
  • EnglishCallum
  • CroatianIvan
  • HindiSanjay
  • FrenchPierre
  • KoreanMin-jun
  • PortugueseManuel
  • MalayAhmad
  • SlovakJozef
  • DanishAnders
  • TamilArvind
  • UkrainianOleksandr
  • SwedishMimi
  • JapaneseHiroshi
  • ChineseLi
  • GermanLina
  • ItalianLuigi
  • SpanishCarlos
  • IndonesianBudi
  • DutchJan
  • TurkishMehmet
  • FilipinoJuan
  • PolishPiotr
  • BulgarianIvan
  • RomanianAdrian
  • ArabicMohammed
  • CzechPetr
  • GreekNikos
  • FinnishJukka
  • Usecases

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